Deer welfare and defence programmes


IEP Pest Control offers a wide range of Deer Welfare and Defence options such as tree guards and fencings, to protect crops, gardens and plantations from deer related damage.


We conduct an in depth deer census using daytime observation or the latest night vision and trail camera technology to accurately assess the health, condition, age and gender split of your population. This vital information will enable IEP, in consultation with you, to make informed decisions on cull unbers and the specific animals to target.



We can also target specific invasive deer species already established on your land or the occasional unwanted guest on request.


Our fully insured and experienced Pest Control Technicians, Deer Managers and Marksmen are highly trained in ethical methods of animal dispatch and targeted culls.



IEP Pest Control is dedicated to providing all of our customers with safe, humane, effective, and environmentally sound animal management.


"Always treating wildlife with respect"


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