At IEP Pest Control we deal with all types of Insect infestations, Wasp, Bee and Hornet removal, Rodent and Vermin control, Deer welfare and Defence, Bird control, Live capture and relocation whenever possible and then protect for your home or business from further infestations.


Below are some of the common animal and insect infestations we deal with;



House Mice                      



Ant Control                      

Bed bugs


Silver Fish                         






Bird Control                                              

Biting Insects

Wasps, Bees and Hornets                       



                                and many more…..



We also offer the following additional services;


  • Deer welfare and defence

  • Humane Dispatch

  • Pest Surveillance

  • Protection of crops and buildings against rabbits and avian pests

  • Garden, shed, outbuilding, loft and house clearance

  • Sales of pest control equipment for DIY investigantion Eradication and Protection


Commercial Control

When it comes to commercial pest control, and wildlife removal services, IEP Pest control specialists are leading the industry with safe, effective and humane pest prevention, control and animal removal solutions. 


Home owners aren't the only ones who have to remove rabbits, foxes, and various types of birds, rats, squirrels or other pests from their property.


Our professionals are expertly trained to handle any commercial animal-pest control situation in, Farms, Retail stores, Office buildings, Industrial plants, Military bases, Warehouses and more.


At IEP Pest Control, general pest control, commercial animal removal and protection solutions are our specialty, we can in consultation with our clients develop a plan to solve all of your animal and pest headaches.


The five service options we currently provide are;

  • One off support

  • Contacted services

  • Priority service

  • Emergency calls outs

  • Support, advice and supplies

Residential Control

Housing a pest can be an extremely stressful and harmful experience.


When pests enter your property they are normally just innocently seeking shelter and food but they can cause irreparable damage to your property and fast eradication is of paramount importance.


IEP pest control will  Investigate your problem, remove the infestation and help protect your home from possible re-infestation.


This is achieved through consultations with our trained staff and utilsation of only the most effective pest treatments and prevention measures available.


If you find a pest problem at your property, IEP Pest Control can step in and take control.


Our fast acting technicians resolve the issue in a timely and discrete fashion.


We believe prevention is better than cure and will advise and provide you with the most effective preventative pest control solution available to suit your requirements for a wide variety of pests.